Volkswarenhaus at Crazyquiff's

We are very pleased to announce that we will be representing www.volkswarenhaus.de, aka www.typ-17.de, in the UK from May 1st 2009.

Volkswarenhaus offer a great range of new parts for Mk2 Golfs and other VW vehicles.  This will be a great addition to the ever increasing range, here, at Crazyquiff's.

We will also be able to supply the whole range offered by Volkswarenhaus covering most watercooled VW's.

You'll save on shipping by only having to pay for delivery from Crazyquiff's whilst being able to combine with our products.

All orders will be placed with us at Crazyquiff's and, initally, these will be batch shipped to us weekly.  Soon we will be stocking products so we can ship immediatly.

Please keep an eye here for updates.



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